Squeeze the Most Out of Summer—
Introducing New Trimstix Orange Pineapple

Limited Edition Flavor Available NOW—
Only While Supplies Last!

Like bright sunny days and warm summer evenings—some of the best things only last a short time.

So to celebrate this season while we can, we're proud to introduce a juicy new limited-edition flavor of Trimstix: Orange Pineapple! (SKU 30335)


Just like Trimstix Fruit Punch, Trimstix Orange Pineapple helps curb your sugar cravings naturally, so you can stay on track even when surrounded by sweet summer treats. And with just 10 calories and green tea extract, you'll feel just as bright as the season.

  • Refreshing Hydration
  • Patented My Sugar Defense™ Blend
  • Naturally-Sourced Ingredients
  • 10 Calories per Serving

Claim Your Trimstix Orange Pineapple Today—
Because When It's Gone...It's Gone!


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  • Supplement Facts
    Trimstix_OrangePineapple_Supplements Facts
  • Trimstix Orange Pineapple is available only while supplies last. We're not kidding! Just like summer, this flavor won't last long.
  • Available only in the US and Canada. Canadian SKU — XS335C.
  • Like Trimstix Fruit Punch, Canadian buyers must call in to purchase.